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Investing in Health, Hope & Community

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Investing in Health, Hope & Community

Why give.

Make a difference in your community 

When you give to SAHF, you support initiatives at UW Health that are life-changing for people in our community. Every dollar you donate here stays here and is invested in world-class facilities and services so you and your family, friends and neighbors have access to the best health care right here in the Northern Illinois/Rockford region.

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Your donation supports our local community across three vital areas

Your generosity makes a meaningful impact in providing remarkable health care for patients and their families in our area.

Areas of support

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Champion our
greatest needs

Support the Greatest Needs Fund and join the frontline battle for a healthier community. Your contribution ensures we have the flexibility and resources needed to address immediate challenges, providing quality, safe, personalized care where and when it’s needed most. Be part of our dedicated team making a swift impact in pursuing better health for all.

Remarkable Stories

Health care on the go

Thanks to a grant from the Dr. Louis & Violet Rubin Fund of the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois and community donations, we are making medical care easier to access with the Mobile Health Unit (MHU).
Seven people in front of Mobile Health Unit at ribbon cutting.
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Provide assistance and hope during crisis

Navigating a health crisis is daunting. Patients and families face physical, emotional and financial challenges. Your contribution to our Patient Care Assistance Fund supports families during recovery, providing essential assistance for medical bills, medication, equipment, transportation, food, health education and emotional support. Ease their burden and make a difference today.

Remarkable Stories

Holiday cheer

Like all six-year-old boys, Miles had been counting the days until Santa would arrive. But in early December 2023, Miles’ allergy-induced asthma morphed into viral pneumonia. Despite aggressive treatment, his condition didn’t improve, and he ended up in the ER department of UW Health Swedish American Hospital and was admitted.
Young boy patient outside on a fall day.

Invest in specialized care

When your life has been impacted by a health crisis, it’s natural to want to help others dealing with the same issue. Our Specialized Care Fund provides targeted assistance across a broad spectrum of health needs and allows you to designate your donation to specific areas including those listed below.

Health care provider taking notes while listening to patient.

Behavioral Health

Our Behavioral Health Fund helps support many programs to diagnose and treat behavioral health conditions including the mental health needs of people with cancer and many other serious illnesses…

Woman in pink shirt holding Breast Cancer Awareness Month pink ribbon.

Breast Health/Women’s Care

The Breast Health/Women’s Care Fund stands as a testament to our commitment to women’s well-being. Your support empowers us to provide comprehensive care from yearly routine check-ups to addressing the unique…

Health care worker holding the hand of a patient who has IV in his hand.

Cancer Care

Serving over 70% of our region’s cancer patients, UW Health | Carbone Cancer Center Rockford is a beacon of hope for those navigating the challenging journey of cancer. With your support, we ensure that every… 

Health care provider taking blood sample from patient's finger.

Diabetes Education & Support

Funding of the Diabetes Education and Support Fund helps support the diabetes care experts at UW Health to treat every aspect of a person’s condition including managing diabetes with exercise, nutrition…

Paramedic placing comforting hand on shoulder of patient in ambulance.

Emergency Care

Emergencies occur when you least expect them. Our Emergency Care Fund helps ensure we’re ready to help day or night. Our emergency departments at UW Health SwedishAmerican Hospital…

Physician listening to a patient's heart.

Heart Care

Our Heart Care Fund supports a full range of services for conditions affecting the heart and circulatory system. Our local experts provide preventive care, advanced diagnostic tests and innovative treatments… 

Pregnant woman with hand on stomach and health care provider with hand on woman's hand.

Maternity/Newborn Care
(Pregnancy, Labor, NICU)

All moms and babies expect and deserve the best. That’s why we make every delivery special. For years, we have been known as the place more moms trust…

Mom holding laughing baby while physician listens to baby's heart.

Pediatric Care

When you support the Pediatrics Care Fund you help create a healthier future for kids from infancy through late adolescence. Our pediatric experts are here for children and their families during times of sickness and health…

Health care provider and woman patient looking at scans.

Stroke Care and Neurology

Support life-changing care for brain and nervous system disorders through the Stoke Care and Neurology Fund. Our team is dedicated to diagnosing and treating unique neurological conditions, tailored to each…

Donating to the SwedishAmerican Health Foundation is a direct way to make a lasting difference in our community’s health and well-being, turning compassion into tangible impact.

Visit to learn more about the expertise and quality care provided to patients and families throughout Northern Illinois, Wisconsin and beyond.

Cancer patient in wheel chair, smiling as another woman pushes her.

Margaret R. Rudolph Endowment Fund (Breast Cancer Patient Assistance Fund)

Maggie Rudolph was a fun-loving person who always had a smile on her face, contagious energy and a funny story ready to share. Despite facing the challenges…

People in support group circle holding hands.

Spiritual Care Fund

Through donor donations past and present to the Spiritual Care/Chaplaincy Endowment Fund, our Spiritual Care team is always here to help patients and their families when they need support. Whether facing a serious…